Children’s Dentistry

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Welcome to you and your child! We are happy that you have chosen Danvers Dental Care to be your child’s dental health care provider. We go to great lengths to make you and your child comfortable at their first dental visit to our office. Our dental team believes that positive and encouraging dental visits at a young age are an important to a future with healthy teeth.

At your child’s first visit he or she will see a hygienist for a dental prophylaxis (“cleaning”) and an examination from the dentist. Only necessary, cavity detecting radiographs will be taken and only at the appropriate age. Your child’s fluoride needs will be discussed and any questions you may have will be answered. We will always respect your child’s comfort level and will never force any treatment. If a first visit to our office only includes a ride in the chair and picking out a toothbrush, we still consider the appointment a success! Your child will be praised for their efforts and encouraged for the next visit. Our dental team is very patient and will provide a warm, caring environment for your child.

Here are a four tips that we have found to be very helpful for a great first dental visit:

1) Explain the upcoming visit in very simple terms

Prepare your child by telling them that the dentist and hygienist will count their teeth and make their teeth shiny.

2) Keep all discussions positive

Avoid phrases such as “It won’t be too bad”, “It won’t hurt too much”, or “You can hold my hand if it hurts”. These phrases are intended to soothe, but will only create anxiety. Steer clear of any four-letter-words such as “hurt” or “pain”. Nothing we will do will hurt your child. We will always provide a safe and healthy environment. Young children have no reason to expect fear or pain at a dental visit. Often times, parents and adults can unknowingly project their own personal fears or anxieties onto children.

3) Allow our dental team to accompany your child through the dental experience

We invite parents to join their child during the initial examination. However, we encourage parents to enjoy a good magazine in our comfortable reception area for future dental visits. The purpose of this is so the dental professional may establish a trusting rapport with your child and this can usually be done more effectively without a parent present. It also communicates to your child that you trust us to take care of them. For the privacy and safety of all patients, children not being treated should remain in our reception area with a supervising adult.

4) Schedule your child’s visit during the morning

We prefer to see children under the age of 8 in the morning when the child is fresh and full of energy. Small children are always happier and well rested in the morning hours. After sitting still in school all day it can be challenging for a child to be cooperative during a dental visit, especially a first dental visit.

We look forward to meeting your child and providing them with a wonderful dental experience.