First Visit

Our practice is focused on prevention and health. We believe that excellence in dentistry begins with a detailed evaluation of our patient. At your first visit to our practice you will have a Comprehensive Oral Evaluation by one of our dentists. This is the first step in determining your individual and personal dental needs.

This careful diagnosis and treatment planning session will include:

  • Review of your medical and dental history

  • Oral evaluation

  • Periodontal (gums) evaluation

  • Examination of current fillings and dental appliances

  • Oral cancer screening

  • Guided tour of your mouth with an intra-oral digital camera

  • Digital radiographs (x-rays), models, and photographs

All findings will be discussed with you at this visit and a baseline of your oral health will be established. We recognize that no two patients are alike and that your treatment plan should reflect your wants and needs. Different options will be discussed and through co-diagnosis, your personal treatment plan will be established. We encourage our patients to actively participate in the treatment planning process so that everyone may achieve their own desired level of dental health.

We can assure you that your Comprehensive Oral Evaluation will be much more detailed than a “quick check”. Many of our patients report that their new patient visit was the most thorough dental appointment they have ever experienced!